Greengrocer Senegal use advanced methods to sow our products. We have three kind of sow to achieve highest efficacy.

  • SIEMBRAUsing machinery: we use latest seed machine in order to have a efficacy process. That way, we minimise expenses and we can offer the best price. This technique is used to some kind of vegetables.
  • SIEMBRA 2Transplanting: this technique consist of individual field of every product manually. Drill has hole and our workers seed the product. This technique is used to leave vegetable, for examle leek or pumpkin.
  • SIEMBRA 4Fruit trees: we select the best varieties and we assure that trees are carefully maintained. Greengrocer Senegal doesn’t have own fruit tree farm, but we supervise interesting farming.




To ensure the fruits and vegetables have the best flavour, which are harvested at the right point of ripen, keeping in mind time to transport. We have two methods, which change dependent on kind of product or how the customer required.

  • COSECHADO 2With machine: advanced harvesters carry out this function. For this reason, we can provide any order, no matter what how bit it is. We use this method, for example, with carrot or turnip.
  • Handmade: all products are harvested one by one carefully. For example, harvesting of fruits or carrot bunch. This process allows us to preserve complete plant, keeping all of its properties.







PROCESADO 3When the product arrive at your company, it is prepared to distribute. We are in contact with processing facility, where the selection, washing and package of products are carried out.

PROCESADO 4During processing  the products achieve gradually storage and transport temperature.

  • We give you one of our package, stew tray. This is product preparate to sell and easy consumption. You can ask us anything



We claim the best services to our customers. We help in all sell steps. We have contact with maritime and ground transportation business. We have much experience in manage and control this services, and we can offer preservation guarantees.